Atruz Solutions is helping clients in key industry verticals with engagements for strategy, programs, implementation, operations and metrics.

High Tech

Whether in software, manufacturing, or consumer goods, companies in the high tech industry are particularly affected by changes in the current economic climate. Our consultants provide years of expertise, industry best practices, and innovative approaches to help you launch new products offerings, provide outstanding service, and implement solutions to enhance your competitiveness.

Health Care

Healthcare organizations, from providers to payers, are being challenged with reducing expenses while improving service quality and collaborating with a number of regulatory bodies. Your organization is under pressure to provide easy access to your information, while implementing stricter compliance and governance processes. Our consultants have the experience to help you succeed in these challenging areas.

Non Profit & Public Sector

Nonprofit and public sector organizations of all categories are increasingly challenged to perform like their equivalents in the private sector. Under close scrutiny, they need to focus on their mission and find ways to better serve their constituents. Our consultants have helped nonprofit and public sector organizations reduce costs and improve service quality to match expectations created in the private sector.