Rethink Patient
Experience with
Health Cloud

Rethink Patient
Experience with
Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud allows effective Patient Management

Get a complete view of your patients on a unified platform with rich, contextual data for everything from current conditions to communication preferences. Make smarter care decisions with a collaborative health timeline and engage with patients more deeply through private communities.

  • 360 degree Patient View
  • Provide Managed Care Solution
  • Connect with your Members to provide an Integrated Experience with your EHR Integrate with external sources such as Google Maps to show Providers open for enrollment, locations of nearby Clinics and Social Community Resources
  • Connect with Sales Cloud and any other back-end system including State databases and Claims Management systems

Atruz Solutions can help you succeed, whether you are migrating from another marketing tool, or just getting started.

Learn about our Health Cloud Live Accelerator Package.


Digital Transformation using Health Cloud

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